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Fodor's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

For the travelers in your life, a small but thoughtful gift can provide the inspiration that leads to a new adventure. Whether your loved ones are culture vultures venturing to unexplored cities, or adrenaline junkies headed out on international expeditions, these gifts are sure to fire up their wanderlust and add a stylish boost to their journeys in the year to come. Read story »

Airline News  

Is Seatmate Selection the Next Trend in Air Travel?
The days of dealing with that annoying passenger seated beside you may soon be over, as two major airlines are offering customers the chance to choose seatmates in advance.

New York City  

A Perfect Day in NYC with Momofuku's Christina Tosi
There's no denying Christina Tosi's sugar-spun star power. Find out how Brooklyn resident—and first-time author of the new cookbook Milk—would spend her ideal day away from the kitchen.


Best Travel-Sized Skin Care
Travel sets allow you to sample new products for a pre-flight test run—and potentially save money in the process. If they disappoint, you can always swap them for your favorite standbys before take-off.

Washington, D.C.  

Dispatch from Washington, D.C.
One of our correspondents rounds up the best the city has to offer before the year is out, from a brand-new influx of restaurants to blockbuster museum shows to the capital's best holiday traditions.

News Roundup
Fodor's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Family on the Move | Disney's Top 5 Holiday Experiences | Go Semi-Pro with the Best Digital Hybrid Cameras
Smart Travel Tip of the Day
Discover the best spot for a break at this famous London department store.
Top Travel Deals – Editor's Picks

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