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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News November 30, 2011

Fodor's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Global Nomad

Global Nomads turn traveling into an art form, packing lightly without sacrificing style, accessorizing with experiences instead of possessions. For those who love the journey as much as the destination, we've selected the best gifts at every price. Read full story »

This Week's Top Travel News

Earn More Travel Miles by Eating Out
The dining rewards arm of most airline and hotel loyalty programs are free and dead-easy to use. If you're already dining out—or planning a big event—you might as well score some points for your next vacation. More »

Dispatch from London
One of our London correspondents checks in with a briefing on the city’s hottest new eatery, plus its most happening pop-up shop, and a stylish bargain bed above a celebrity chef’s restaurant. More »

Turn Your iPhone Into a Mobile Office
We've rounded up the best free apps that do everything from scan and sign documents to send hands-free texts—all from your iPhone—so you can spend more vacation time sunbathing instead of searching for a fax machine. More »

Top 10 Luxury Eco-Hotels
Eco-friendly accomodations aren't all flimsy tents with low-quality service and no amenities. Feel good about your well-deserved getaway—without sacrificing luxury and comfort—at these top green properties. More »

News Roundup: Fodor's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: The Jetsetter | Tips for Staying Healthy In-Flight | Orlando's VIP Theme Park Tours

Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Find out where to get a chic French look in Martinique

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