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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News November 22, 2011

Fodor's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: The Jetsetter

Whether jaunting off to St. Barth for the weekend, or journeying to Marrakech for a pampering riad retreat, the Jetsetter exudes effortless style. Our collection of gifts is sure to delight stylish globetrotters wherever their travels take them. Read full story »

This Week's Top Travel News

Hot Hawaii Deals from $216 a Night
If winter's chill already has you craving white sand, tropical cocktails, and stunning sunsets, we can help. As winter descends on the mainland, Fodor's is turning its sights to warm-weather escapes, delivering dazzling weekly deals. More »

Maximize Travel Reward Points on Cyber Monday and Beyond
The biggest online shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday, is right around the corner on November 28. While buying holiday gifts, you can also treat yourself to huge frequent flyer and loyalty point gains. More »

Dominican Republic's Top Spas
Need to unwind? There's no better way to relax than by heading to the Dominican Republic for a long weekend of pampering spa treatments. Once on the island, there's a wide range of lodgings, from intimate boutique hotels to massive resorts. We've selected the best. More »

Paris's Best New Wine Bars
The grape news from Paris this fall is the city's new vintage of terrific wine bars, or bistrots a vins. This Parisian hybrid of traditional wine bars and bistros serve great wines and short menus of charcuterie, cheeses, and a few hot dishes intended to pair well with a good pour. More »

News Roundup: Hip Boutique Brand to Manage Miami's Classic The Tides Hotel | Renovation for Sin City's Sahara

Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Explore Paris like a local with this tip

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