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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News November 9, 2011

Fodor's 100 Hotel Awards

Our premier list of the world's best hotels captures our top choices for 2011, nominated by Fodor's editors and writers. Presented in eight fantastic hotel categories, from Grand Dame to Design, the year's most remarkable lodgings are sure to inspire your next getaway. See the list »

This Year's Top 100 Hotels

New & Noteworthy
Thousands of hotels open—and reopen—every year around the world. But only 9 are noteworthy enough to make it onto our list of outstanding newcomers and updated mainstays. See the list »

Grande Dame
There are many classic luxury properties around the globe, but none as glamorous as these 12 hotels. Our short list gives consideration to a property’s rich history along with its recent performance. See the list »

Casual Chic
This curated collection of 13 hotels includes barefoot-chic beach bungalows, rustic-modern country inns, and hip safari camps where a casual wardrobe of jeans works for both day and night. See the list »

From futuristic budget rooms to bohemian-chic boutiques, this year’s crop of 9 hotels represents the best of the best. Some properties feature tech-powered tools, while others boast sleek interior décor. See the list »

Local Flavor
Travel moves people from the familiar to the unfamiliar, offering new possibilities along the way. Here, we’ve captured 13 properties that specialize in conveying authentic, immersive experiences. See the list »

Clubby Atmosphere
Searching for your very own pied-à-terre? Look no further than these 14 remarkable urban retreats, which offer elegantly decorated rooms and a hipper social scene than most private clubs. See the list »

Luxurious Retreat
Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. The antidote? Our collection of the world’s 14 best destination resorts, from private island retreats to remote mountain lodges. See the list »

Trusted Brand
Some travelers crave the comforts that come from staying at a well-known hotel chain. With perks like Michelin-starred restaurants and starchitect design, these 16 properties raise the bar. See the list »

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