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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News October 26, 2011

Mad for Mexico: Top Deals

If you’re looking for a travel deal, turn your sights to Mexico. While most of the country’s major tourist areas are safe, crime concerns have kept many travelers from heading south this year. The impact: excellent deals, especially between now and the new year. Read full story »

This Week's Top Travel News

Top 6 Travel Flash Sale Sites
Want a last-minute getaway that won’t break the bank? You can give in to the impulse, as these six sites make it easy for the wallet-conscious to travel like a spontaneous globe-trotter. More »

America's Best Fall Food Festivals
Better bring an appetite if you're planning to attend one of these food festivals. You'll spend the day sampling great eats—and you may even want to join in on some quirky local traditions. More »

Spooky Halloween Masquerade Cruises
Forget bobbing for apples this Halloween and try a different party atmosphere. From coast to coast, nighttime cruises are taking fright-night festivities afloat. More »

Weekend Escape: Antiquing in Hudson, NY
This small riverfront city, once a bustling 18th-century whaling port, is now an antiquing mecca boasting nearly 50 shops, plus has a distinctly urban feel with stylish restaurants, eclectic boutiques, and several galleries. More »

6 Tips for Boarding Etiquette
With skinny aisles, cramped seats, and lack of storage space, boarding a plane can be like a gymnastics performance. Make the process as easy as possible with these tips from a frequent traveler. More »

News Brief Roundup: This Week's Top Hotel News | Best Comfort Food in Top Cities | Free National Parks Days for 2012

Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Know what to pack for Costa Rica's Cerro de la Muerte

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Photo Credit: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Adventure_Photo / iStockPhoto

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