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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News October 19, 2011

White Hot Winter Ski Deals

Even though the formal start of winter is two full months away, now is the time to grab incredible early-season ski deals. Resorts across North America are rolling out tons of packages, and we've gathered the best so you can plan to hit the powder fast. Read full story »

This Week's Top Travel News

How to Bargain Your Way to a Better Hotel Stay
There's a chance you can save some money when booking your next hotel—or at least score a discount—but it means you'll have to get your nerve up to negotiate. More »

Top Hotels for Digital Detox
Sometimes it takes an intervention to sever the smartphone tether. Here are our favorite retreats that require you to forfeit your handheld addiction and take a mental break. More »

World's 6 Spookiest Cemeteries for Halloween
What could be spookier than traipsing through a graveyard on All Hallows Eve? Visit one of these six famous cemeteries—all top attractions as the final resting places of famous people—for fright-filled fun. More »

Top 12 Things to Do in Switzerland
The birthplace of skiing offers travelers much more than slopes and chalets. From innovative art to exciting outdoor adventures, fall is a fantastic time to visit this small country. Plus, airfare and hotels are less expensive, the crowds are few, and the foliage is colorful. More »

News Brief Roundup: Hotel Bel-Air Reopens | Air India Flight Grounded Almost 9 Hours | Sacramento's New $1 Billion Terminal Opens

Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Play it safe while swimming on Hawaii's Big Island.

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