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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News August 24, 2011

Berlin by Design: Spotlight on Mitte

Berlin's near obsession with design is the city's calling card, and touches everything from grand architectural projects to the smallest knickknack souvenirs. The most established local designers are found in Mitte, along with trendy restaurants and boutique hotels. Read full story »

This Week's Top Travel News

Dispatch from DC: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Opens
Forty-eight years after the famous "I Have a Dream" Speech, the much-anticipated Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial opens this Saturday. But that's not all that's new along the National Mall. More »

What the Locals Do in Rome
Romans certainly know how to live life to the fullest, indulging in the simplest pleasures and doing so with style. So put yourself in their shoes; try being Roman for a day and you'll learn how la vita � bella! More »

What's New in Kenya
You are what's new in Kenya. More of you than ever have made Kenya your dream safari destination but here’s why more people doesn’t necessarily mean less enjoyment of the wildlife. More »

Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Eat well in Paris and save money, too.

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Photo: Berlin TV Tower and World Clock courtesy Visit Berlin

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