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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News June 22, 2011

The 8 Best New York City Rooftop Bars Those visiting NYC in summer should take a cue from locals, who make an extra effort to escape the sweltering streets. To find a breezy spot for relaxing with a view, a cocktail, and a bite to eat, there's no better bet than one of these great rooftop escapes. Read full story »

This Week's Top Travel News

How to Plan Your Scuba Trip Plus Slideshow: 10 Great Diving Locations
Want to experience a different side of your waterfront vacation destination? Whether or not you're already certified, here are some basic tips to start planning and our favorite places to take the plunge. More »

What's New in Mexico City: Openings and Trends in the Distrito Federal
Mexico’s capital is buzzing with a new museum funded by the world’s richest man, restaurants providing fresh takes on tradition, hotels with trendy bar scenes, and developments that address health and safety issues. More »

How to Experience the Palio: 7 Tips for Siena's Best Celebration
If you're lucky enough to be visiting Tuscany in summer, don't miss the Palio, a bareback horse race held every July 2 and August 16 in Siena's Piazza del Campo. Here are some insider tips for the best experience. More »

Newport's 11 Mansions: Gilded Age Gems
Want a peek into the lives of the privileged? The Breakers, the "summer cottage" of the 19th-century multimillionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt II, is just one of the eleven mansions you can explore in Newport, Rhode Island. More »

Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Be wary of the Tourist Information signs in San Jose, Costa Rica

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Photo: Courtesy Mad46 Rooftop Lounge at Roosevelt Hotel

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