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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News June 1, 2011

Great Scenic Train Rides in Europe Whether it's a loop ride on a steam train or a practical means for getting from Amsterdam to Brussels, Europe is full of train routes with stunning scenery. Thanks to the amazing Fodor's community, we've compiled some great train trips by country. Read full story »

This Week's Top Travel News

Best New Hotel Amenities
In a world where guests have grown to expect high-level amenities as standard, hotels are looking for ever more distinctive offerings. Here are some creative hotel amenities to look for, some gratis and others worth a splurge. More »

Portland Summer 2011 Festivals: Brewfest and Beyond
Thinking about a summer trip to Portland, Oregon? Consider scheduling your visit around one of the summer festivals—many that celebrate the city's most beloved beverage—for a true taste of Portland. More »

England Hotel Chain Primer
England has a number of hotel chains: some are moderately priced, others are luxurious. Particularly in London, they can be a quick way to narrow down the many lodging options available. Here's a list of our favorites. More »

Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Ciao bella! Save money on sightseeing in Rome with the three-day Roma Pass

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