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Forums | Destinations | Travel Deals | Travel News April 27, 2011

Fodor's Guide to the Royal Wedding All eyes will be on London on April 29th as the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is broadcast around the globe. Let the famous sights such as Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace inspire your next trip with some of our favorite ways to live royally in London. Read full story »

This Week's Top Travel News

From Fodor's Royalty Watching, 1988
Here's a flashback from one of Fodor's past guides: "If you are at an event where there is the possibility of the Royal Family mingling with the crowd . . . bear in mind the following tips." More »

The 11 Top European Landmarks
From fairy-tale castles to unfinished cathedrals, Europe's best landmarks are easy to identify. Let these classic images inspire you to start planning your trip to Europe today—just don't forget your camera! More »

Best Beauty & Skincare Buys in England: A London Shopping Tour
These insider tips will help you shop like a pro in London and find the top beauty stores and products. Plan the ultimate shopping binge with our neighborhood guide. More »

Paris in the Spring: Top Romantic Places & Experiences
Paris is a perennial favorite for romantic travel, but the arrival of spring undeniably tops the rest of the year. Our Fodorites share the best sweet spots and romantic things to do à deux. More »

Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Save up to 50% at Caribbean resorts off-season.

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eBook: Puerto Rico Guidebook: Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks Mobile App: London Guidebook: Hong Kong

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