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Choice Travel Experiences: March 16, 2011

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This Week in Travel Trip Insurance 101
Travel News Trip Insurance 101
With the disaster in Japan and the temporary closure of several Hawaii hotels, it's a reminder than even the most well-planned trips can benefit from insurance. What kind of coverage do you honestly need—comprehensive, medical-only, financial default, or none at all? Our Trip Insurance 101 explains. Read more.

Japan Travel News: New Flight Cancellation Policies
Many airlines have announced low-to-no-fee travel waivers, re-booking, or cancellation options in the wake of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami. Some tickets can only be changed for a limited time, and can't be rebooked online, so it's best to act now. Plus, direct from our forums, travelers share their thoughts on their upcoming Japan trips.
Big Island Tsunami Update: Hawaii Hotel News
While evacuation precautions thankfully ensured the safety of residents and visitors, the recent tsunami caused property damage to several waterfront properties. At this writing, two Big Island hotels are temporarily closed. If you have an upcoming reservation, be sure to contact your hotel directly for the latest updates.
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Arrive early for your first spa appointment to make the most of the spa facilities.
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