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Choice Travel Experiences: March 9, 2011

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This Week in Travel The Best Island Hopping Itineraries in Hawaii
Travel News The Best Island Hopping Itineraries in Hawaii
So you've decided to go to Hawaii, but now how do you choose which island—or islands—to visit? With seven nights or more, a little island hopping is definitely in order. Here are six of our favorite island-pairing itineraries to help you plan your Hawaiian escape. Read more.

Find Your Ideal Beach Escape
Spring Break Update: Is Cancun Safe?
Replete with resorts, Cancun is one of the safest cities in Mexico—and well removed from border violence. We've answered four of today's most common questions about safety in the area.
Jos� Andr�s's Kid-Friendly Washington, D.C.
When he's not running his collection of restaurants, you can find the chef spending time with his family. Here's the inside scoop on his favorite places to take the kids in the nation's capital.
Ski Savings Spotlight: Keystone, Colorado
Savvy skiers know that March is one of the best months for deals. To save more, consider a classic family-favorite like Keystone instead of one of the more massive—and pricey—Colorado options.
Enter Now: Win a Florida Getaway from VisitFlorida
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: For an unspoiled Caribbean experience, check out Dominica's best national park.
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  Guidebook: Washington, D.C. with Kids eBook: Jamaica PDF: Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson

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