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Choice Travel Experiences: February 23, 2011

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This Week in Travel 7 Great Florida Beaches
Travel News 7 Great Florida Beaches
The Sunshine State boasts almost 1,000 miles of flip-flop-friendly beaches, each with its own distinct style. Some Florida beaches are blessed with snow-white sand, some with an abundance of shells. Here's a roundup of Florida's best beaches in seven categories. Read more.
Where to Eat: 10 Best Caribbean Restaurants
It's not just about pina coladas and fresh fish; Caribbean food is a complex blend of indigenous, African, and colonial influences. Enjoy this eclectic cuisine at our top restaurant picks in the Caribbean.
The Quest for the Best Caribbean Rums
The Caribbean is the world center for rum production, with many islands making their own brands and styles of rum. Here are some of the best rums you'll encounter at an island bar.
Discover Shangri-La in Bhutan
Want to experience Gross National Happiness? Lisa Napoli, the author of Radio Shangri-La: What I learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth shares her insider tips to help plan your trip to Bhutan.
Enter Now: Win a Florida Getaway from VisitFlorida
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Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Swim Some Laps in Sydney's Ocean Pools
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