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Choice Travel Experiences: February 16, 2011

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This Week in Travel The 11 Best Value Caribbean Hotels
Travel News The 11 Best Value Caribbean Hotels
The Caribbean isn't all about five-star resorts. Often, you may want to save a bit of your vacation cash to eat in elegant restaurants or to shop for the perfect gift, without sacrificing comfort. Throughout the Caribbean, here are some unique inns and resorts where you can sleep for much less and still have a great time. Read more.
Top Shopping Neighborhoods in New York City
Not one of the lucky few sitting stage side at the fall fashion shows this week? You can still satisfy your fix by hitting these neighborhoods for the city's best shopping. Here are some of our top picks.
Cruise Checklist: 11 Must-Dos to Prepare for Your Trip
It's peak Caribbean cruise season as everyone seeks to escape the extreme winter weather. For both first-time cruisers and seasoned regulars, here are 11 things to keep in mind before you board.
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Get the Best Spa Experience by Addressing Concerns Before Your Treatment Begins
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