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Choice Travel Experiences: February 9, 2011

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This Week in Travel 10 Totally Over-the-Top Romantic Getaways
Travel News 10 Totally Over-the-Top Romantic Getaways
Forget flowers, chocolate, and even jewelry. Apparently, these days you're not really in love unless a private plane is involved. Hotels are offering elaborate packages for Valentine's Day and other romantic travels with price tags ranging from $1,700 to over $5 million. And hey, when it comes to love, what's a second mortgage? Read more.
10 Best Airports for Layovers
Some airports have transformed into mega-entertainment complexes featuring everything from golf courses and spas to aquariums and butterfly gardens. Here's a list of ten airports that give you reason to slow down during transit, or even hope for a delay.
Find Your Ideal Winter Escape: 80 Degrees Destination Finder
Choose the Winner: Ultimate Fodorite Contest
Free Download: Florida's Beach Scene
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Fight jet lag in the air by staying hydrated inside and out
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  Paris Mobile App 535 Best Beaches Arizona PDF

Photo Credit: Courtesy Petit St. Vincent Resort / Neil Selkirk

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