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Choice Travel Experiences: January 26, 2011

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This Week in Travel 8 Best Apres Ski Resort Towns
Travel News 8 Best Apres-Ski Resort Towns
Winter-sports enthusiasts know that half the fun of an outdoor adventure is relaxing and warming up afterward, whether chatting by the fire with some cocoa or dancing and having a drink with friends. So in the spirit of the season, here are our favorite apres-ski hotspots.
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9 Best National Parks to Visit in Winter
Get ready to trade your hiking boots for snowshoes. Whether you are looking for dramatic landscapes to capture by photo or conquer by foot, consider a winter visit to a U.S. or Canadian National Park. 
Top 10 Places to See the Northern Lights
Every traveler's life list should include viewing the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. From late November to March, this most impressive light show is best viewed in these regions close to the Arctic.
Save vs. Splurge on Switzerland Skiing
Switzerland has a wonderland of snow-inspired activities, plus spas, shopping, and local food and wine to warm you. Here are some tips to plan your Swiss mountain resort trip, whatever your budget.
Enter to Win a New York City Trip: Ultimate Fodorite Contest
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Go big and save: negotiate a group cruise discount with these tips
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  Essential Scandinavia Yosemite PDF Colorado

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