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Choice Travel Experiences: January 19, 2011

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This Week in Travel 21 Places We're Going in 2011
Travel News 21 Places We're Going in 2011:
New Slideshow
Is your passport current? Are your fare alerts set? Our editors are ready to explore the globe from emerging destinations to hot cities to trendy beaches. With new and noteworthy events, sights, and hotels, here are our top 21 destinations for this year. Read more
Spotlight on Park City, Utah: Sundance Film Fest and Beyond
From a creative, low-key start 30 years ago, the Sundance Film Festival has helped Park City blossom into a vibrant and sophisticated hub for artist and athletes alike. The annual film festival starts this Thursday, January 20 and our Sundance expert has rounded up the best things to do outside of the movie theater.�
Queen Elizabeth: A First Look
Although the deck plans for Cunard's newest cruise ship, Queen Elizabeth, appear to be nearly identical to her fleetmate Queen Victoria, make no mistake, this queen bears her own regal trappings.
5 Tips to Choose Your Perfect Airline Seat
Remember that not all seats are created equal. Are you planning on flying this President's Day Weekend? It's especially important to make a good seat choice during peak travel times.
Slideshow: African Safari Photo Contest Winners
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Dreading Flying with a Cold? Use ear plugs and medication to ease the pressure
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