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Choice Travel Experiences: December 22, 2010

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This Week in Travel Holiday Decorations Around the Globe
Travel News Holiday Decorations around the Globe
Decorated evergreens? Twinkling lights? It must be the end of December. From special symbols to sparkling shopping areas, the Fodor's community shares their favorite festive places for the last newsletter of 2010. Season's Greetings! Read more
4 Timely Tips for Holiday Air Travel
Frequent flyers don't need a reminder of the boring basics (prescription meds and change of clothes in carry-on: check!) but here are some more timely tips for this peak travel season.
Staying Trim While Traveling
Travelers often joke that, on the road, "Calories don't count"—if only! Start your New Year's resolution early and fight holiday weight gain with these 8 tips for healthy eating on the go.
 Slideshow: Winners of the Share Your Europe Photo Contest Sponsored by Continental Airlines
 Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Even Flights Have Status Updates—Check Often During Peak Travel Times
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Photo Credits: Christmas lights in London by Jess Moss

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