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Choice Travel Experiences: December 16, 2010

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This Week in Travel Top Places to Celebrate the New Year
Travel News Fodor's Guide to New Year's Eve:
Top Places to Celebrate
The year 2011 is almost upon us so we've rounded up 9 cities that celebrate the New Year with style. We've got all the hot spots around the globe, from family-friendly affairs to all-night debauchery to classic celebrations. Read more
Touring France's Champagne Cellars Plus Bubbly Basics
Experiencing the underground crayéres is a must for any visit to Champagne. All tours ending with a tasting or two. We've also  uncorked some sparkling wine tips for celebrations closer to home.
A Taste of Portland's Microbrew Scene
Will you be toasting the new year with a frosty microbrew? For a beer-centric trip, consider Portland, affectionately deemed "Munich on the Willamette" and boasting 35 craft breweries.
6 Best New York City Hotel Bars
Whether you are trying to avoid Times Square on New Year's Eve, or simply looking for a relaxing cocktail after a day of sightseeing, these top Manhattan hotel bars are sure to quench your thirst.
Slideshow: Winners of the Share Your Europe Photo Contest Sponsored by Continental Airlines
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Just Say No to Pet Drugs and Go Tranquilizer Free on Their Next Flight
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Photo Credits: Times Square ball drop courtesy Coundown Entertainment, LLC.

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