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Choice Travel Experiences: December 9, 2010

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This Week in Travel Travel Gift Guide
Travel News 30 Great Travel Gift Ideas from Fodor's Editors and Fodorites
'Tis the season to give . . . the gift of travel. The Fodor's community has collected 30 of their best ideas to inspire wanderlust in even the most armchair-bound traveler, and to fit budgets from staycation to trip-of-a-lifetime range. Read more
Stocking Stuffers for Under $20
Our round-up includes practical and inspirational gifts that are light on the wallet and your suitcase.
6 Great Books for the Holidays
From stunning photos to tales of epic journeys, these reads are sure to get you in the traveling spirit.
On the Go Gadgets
This holiday season, help out the travelers on your list with some useful electronic devices—and ways to manage them.
Stylish Gift Ideas
A holiday cheat-sheet for those on your list that appreciate a touch of first-class, even when they're flying coach.
Slideshow: India Photo Contest Winners
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Consider Shipping your Bags
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Asia: Diary of a Cranky Traveler Part 2 - Hong Kong
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  1,001 Smart Travel Tips Fodor's Mobile Apps France
  1,001 Smart Travel Tips Fodor's Mobile Apps France

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