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Choice Travel Experiences, August 12, 2010

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This Week in Travel How to Eat Like a Local in Rome
Travel News How to Eat Like a Local in Rome
In a city with delicious time-tested cuisine, don't get stuck at a restaurant that caters only to tourists. Our Rome-based restaurant reviewer weighs in on the best local places to dine.
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10 Best Urban Escapes
Diving with Sharks in South Africa
Photo Contest: Show Us Your Hilton Head
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Consider the Weather in Cancun
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Tahiti: Roundtrip Flights from L.A. — from $695
Orlando: 30% Off Disney Hotel with Breakfast — $59/night
Hawaii: Up to 50% Off 22 Aston Resorts — from $73/night
Aston Hotels & Resorts
St. Pete Beach FL: $99 Plus $50 Resort Credit
Postcard Inn on the Beach
Bahamas: 60% Off 4 Nights with Air, All-Inclusive — $75/night
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Asia: Singapore/Bali, Yogyacarta, Borneo itinerary question
Europe: Tuscany—What is it? Which parts should YOU visit?
Canada: Help with Trip to Atlantic Canada
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  Rome Kauai Boston 2011
  Rome Kauai Boston 2011
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