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Choice Travel Experiences, May 27, 2010

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This Week in Travel Top 10 Paris Splurge Purchases
Travel News Shopping in Paris: Top 10 Best Splurges
Paris just might be the best place in the world to go shopping. From Provencal linens to rare handbags, here are some of our favorite things.

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8 Under-the-Radar Budget European Hotel Chains
Fodor's Choice New Mexico Free Downloadable Guide
The Angel's Game To Europe! Book Giveaway
To Europe! Faceoff:
Announcing Last Week's Winner | Cast Your Vote for 48 Hours of Food
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Research bringing your own clubs to Scotland
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Ireland vacations from $449 — 5 star castles packages, escorted tours & more
The Big Welcome Back from Hyatt Gold Passport. Free nights or bonus points
Hawaii Cruise: 7 Nights w/ $100 Credit — $117/night
Turks & Caicos: All-Inclusive Beaches Girls Getaways + $200 Spa Credit — From $299 per person/night
Bermuda: 10 Cruises on Sale, 7 to 9 Nights — From $75/night
Long Beach: Romance Package Aboard Docked Historic Oceanliner — $255
The Queen Mary
Cancun: SAVE up to $460/couple + All Inclusive from $99 per person/per night
Egypt: 12-Day Leisurely Tour & Cruise w/ Lodging, Meals & Transfers! Air & Land $1899
Foreign Independent Tours
Hawaii Cruise: 7 Nights with $100 Credit — $117/night
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