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Choice Travel Experiences, May 13, 2010

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This Week in Travel When to Go to Rome
Travel News When to Go to Rome: An Insider's Guide to Every Season
It's always the right time to be in Rome—as long as you know what to expect, and plan accordingly. From Spring festivities to Winter sales, here's what you need to know.

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Ireland vacations from $449 — 5 star castles packages, escorted tours & more
The Big Welcome Back from Hyatt Gold Passport. Free nights or bonus points
Wake up on the bright side! Rates from $49!
La Quinta
Aspen/Snowmass Summer: Stay 2 Nights, Get 1 Free — Many Lodging Choices!
Stay Aspen & Snowmass
Caribbean Cruise: 7 Night with $75 Credit & More — $66/night
Miami: Low Rates & Freebies at Stylish City Center Hotel — $119/night
Preferred Hotels — Florida
Machu Picchu: 8 Nights with Air & Air Taxes — From $1805*
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  Essential Europe Lisbon's 25 Best Rome
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Photo: istock/Stas Perov

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