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Choice Travel Experiences, April 29, 2010

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This Week in Travel Alaskan Cruise FAQ
Travel News Planning an Alaskan Cruise: Answers to the 5 Most Common Questions
Choosing the right cruise for you depends on numerous factors. Start your search by understanding the answers to these top questions.

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What We're Reading: 5 Books to Fuel Your Love of Travel
Last Chance! Spain Photo Contest Ends Today
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Pack your best socks in Japan
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Get half off a second room plus $200 in certificates. Call 800/372–USVI.
The Big Welcome Back from Hyatt Gold Passport. Free nights or bonus points
Limited Time Lowest Rates! 4-Star Miami South Beach Hotel -- From Only $79
Cambean Hospitality
Turks & Caicos: All-Inclusive Beaches Girls Getaways + $200 Spa Credit — From $299 per person/night
Las Vegas: Up To 60% Off Best Rates at Palace Station — From $19
Riviera Maya, Mexico: All Inclusive, Low rates from $113 per person/per night
Enchanted Costa Rica: 8-Nights W/Air & Air Taxes — From $920*
Latin Destinations
Cozumel Cruise: 4 Nights to Cozumel + Free Gift — $89/night
Beijing: 3-Night Package + Free Tour, Web Special — $120
Prime Hotel Beijing
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United States: yk & family visit NYC
Caribbean: Is this budget doable?
Central America: Sunscreen and cosmetics in humidity?
Asia: Should I cancel my trip to Thailand?
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  Alaska Ports of Call Japan National Parks
  Alaska Ports of Call Japan The National Parks of the West
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