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Choice Travel Experiences, April 8, 2010

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This Week in Travel National Parks in a Day
Travel News National Parks in a Day: 5 Top Parks, 5 Single-Day Tours
Turn that road trip stopover into a lasting memory. Check out these five complete single-day tours for the top parks in the west.

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Beating the Euro on the Amalfi Coast
Announcing the Show Us Your Spain Photo Contest
Smart Travel Tip of the Day: Ask for the bill when dining in Rome
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Get half off a second room plus $200 in certificates. Call 800-372-USVI.
The Big Welcome Back from Hyatt Gold Passport. Free nights or bonus points
Miami Beach: VIP Perks at Sophisticated Oceanfront Hotel — $156
Preferred Hotels — Florida
DC: Last-Minute Rates at Newly Renovated Hotel by Georgetown — $159
Washington Marriott
Sensational Sydney: 5-Nights, Air, Transfers & Tours — From $200/night
Ft. Lauderdale Beach: VIP Perks at 4-Star Waterfront Suite Hotel — $129
Preferred Hotels — Florida
Cancun: 3 All-Included Nights, Family-Friendly or Adults-Only — From $99 per person/night
Essex-Burlington, VT: 33% Off Vermont's Culinary Resort & Spa — $199
The Essex Resort & Spa
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Europe: "Are we crazy for thinking about renting an RV in Europe?"
United States: "Suggestions for pre/post-theater restaurants?"
Mexico & Central America: "If you loved Costa Rica, where else did you love?"
Travel Tips: What Type of Luggage to Use for Round the World Trip
Australia: "Why do you travel?"
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  Amalfi Coast Northern California 2010 Maine Coast
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