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January 21, 2010

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Featured Article 12 Best Value Hotels in the Caribbean
From funky guesthouses to stylish boutiques, the Caribbean is full of good hotels where you can get more for your money. Here are our favorites.

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The Caribbean's Top 12 Hotel Values
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Travel Deals
Escape to the warmth of Fort Myers Beach with three-night package rates starting from $99 per night.
FREE solo travel on our Safari Serengeti—14 days from only $4905
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Pay Only $19.09 for an additional night after a stay of 2, 3, or 4 nights
Discover Palm Beach
Flights to Europe from $487* with Monograms + prices up to 20% less than 2009
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Get warm in the Cayman Islands with a 5th night free and a free trip to Stingray City
Ski Colorado: FREE 3 Day/2 Night Luxury Hotel Stay with Ski Lodging Reservation — From $215/night — Vail/BC
Virginia Beach: 40% Savings on Luxury Bay View Suites at Tennis Resort — $79
Scottsdale: Golf and Gamble for Two — $299
Radisson Fort McDowell Resort
Barbados Tranquility: Save 40% Off 5-Star Beach Resort — $304
Elegant Hotels Tamarind Cove
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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rockhouse Hotel

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