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Choice Travel Experiences, November 5, 2009

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This Week in Travel Best of the Best: The 11 Essential European Museums
Travel News 11 European Museums You Should See in Your Lifetime
If you've never been to these museums, you're missing out. From ancient books in Ireland to modern architecture in Spain, here are Europe's essential museums. What would you add?

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Why Package Tours Are Your Best Bet for Family Vacations
South Carolina Fall Getaways
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Fodorite Spotlight
DMBTraveler | View member profile
Member since: October 2009
All-time best travel moment: Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Nature At Its Best!
Just back from: Down Under ... New Zealand & Australia
Anthony7 | View member profile
Member since: September 2009
Destination wishlist: New Zealand, Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro, Italy
Recently asked: "Can you help me answer these random last minute questions about Japan?"
enzian | View member profile
Member since: January 2006
Next trip: Switzerland and Italy!
Recently asked: "Your favorite museums, gardens, and trattorias/osterias in central Italy?"
kit | View member profile
Member since: January 2003
All-time best travel moment: riding out a typhoon in the Shanghai Hilton while a lounge singer croaked out "Lady in Red"
Recently asked: "Logistics of planning daytrips from London?"
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