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Choice Travel Experiences, August 27, 2009

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This Week in Travel Planning a Trip to Disney
Travel News Planning a Trip to Disney: 12 Common Questions
Disney experts in our forums share answers to the most commonly-asked questions.

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New in NYC: Two Affordable Boutique Hotels Open Their Doors
Things to Do in Thailand: 8 Essential Experiences for Your First Visit
Enter the Show Us Your Ireland Photo Contest | View recent entries
Congratulations to the Winners of the Chicago Photo Contest
Travel Tip of the Day: Eat Well in Paris While Saving Money
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Ireland...More for Less. Travel deals from $499.
Belize: LABOR DAY SPECIAL! Stay 4 nights and receive a 5th night FREE! $498 (per person, double occupancy)
Las Terrazas Resort and Residences
Washington DC: Advanced Purchase Savings at Various Capital Marriotts — From $89
Marriott DC
Oahu: Save up to 50% at JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa at Ko Olina
Vacations by Marriott
Santa Monica, CA: Beach, Bed & Breakfast at Romantic Boutique Hotel — From $249
The Huntley Hotel
Peru's Inca Empire Tour: 8 Nights + Air + Breakfast, Lima-Machu Picchu-Cuzco — $1509
Marco Island, FL: 30% Off 4 Lakeside Suite Nights Near Florida Gulf — $69 per night
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Europe: What's your favorite (or least favorite) train station in Europe?
Australia: Single mum, parent, and babies going on a big trip...
Caribbean: 2 Couples, all-inclusive with air for under $5000?
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Member since: January 2003
All-time best travel moment: Seeing the Alps for the first time and staying up IN the mountains.
Member since: August 2009
Best travel tip: Don't drink on the plane. Make up for it later.
Member since: November 2003
Next trip: Boise in Sept '09, followed by Rome in Oct '09 followed by Paris in May '10!!!
Member since: December 2006
Best travel tip: Color coded index cards for reference of favorite restaurants & sights
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