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Choice Travel Experiences, August 20, 2009

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This Week in Travel Caribbean Island Escapes
Travel News 10 Dreamy Caribbean Private Islands and Remote Resorts
Looking for a beach all to yourself? Here's where to find solitude, comfort, and a little of that indescribable Caribbean magic.

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Enter the Show Us Your Ireland Photo Contest | View recent entries
20 Essential Walt Disney World Tips & Tricks
National Parks: 4 Places to Sleep Well in the Backcountry
Travel Tip of the Day: Look for clusters of gas stations when refueling
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Lake Tahoe: Over 50% Off — VIP Vacation Preview Package 3 Nights for Only $99!
The Ridge Resorts at Tahoe — Special Offers
Tuscany Auction: 2 Nights at Top Luxury Estate, Breakfast & More — From $174 per night
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Virgin Gorda: Special Rates at Acclaimed, Secluded 5-Star Resort — $325 per night
British Columbia: 3-Night Lake Okanagan Spa, Golf & Family Deals — From $260 per night
Puerto Rico: Back to School Super Sale 40% Off Hotel+Air Package — $289
Machu Picchu: 7-Day Privately Guided New World Wonder Tour — $2,395
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Member since: January 2006
All-time best travel moment: Too many to list, but they all involve Greece, and most of them have occurred at sunset.
Member since: January 2008
All-time best travel moment: The drive from Trunk Bay to the ferry on St. John, U.S.V.I. when the road reaches the highest point and bends out toward the ocean and you can see the spectacular panoramic view of the bay...breath-taking.
Member since: February 2003
Favorite destinations: Rome, Italy and San Sebastian, Spain
Member since: July 2009
Best travel tip: Make a plan, but don't plan on sticking to it.
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  Fodor's Bermuda 2009 Fodor's Walt Disney World® with Kids 2010 Fodor's See It Ireland,
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Photo credit: Istock / © Christian Wheatley

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