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Choice Travel Experiences, August 6, 2009

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This Week in Travel A Perfect Day in New York City's Greenwich Village
Travel News A Perfect Day in New York City's Greenwich Village
Escape midtown on your next trip to NYC by carving out a day in your itinerary to spend exploring one of the city's most popular and picturesque neighborhoods, Greenwich Village.

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Travel Tip of the Day: Firm up your trip's dinner plans in advance
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Mediterranean Cruise: Save 65%! Spain-Malta-Italy-France 4-Star Cruise — $72 per night
Montreal: Experience Joie de Vivre with the Best Rates in Town — From $72
Italy: Spa Indulgence & Opera Festival Spectacular — EUR 143 per night
Abano Grand Hotel — GB Hotels Italy
NYC: Match Your Style, Budget & Interests at Marriotts Across New York — From $179
Marriott New York
Atlanta: 4-Star Boutique Downtown Hotel w/ 3rd Night Free — From $86
The Ellis Hotel
Nile Cruise: Explore Egypt on a Luxury 9-Day Cruise Down the Nile — $2,995
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Photo credit: Flickr member, Phillie Casablanca

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