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Choice Travel Experiences, July 30, 2009

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This Week in Travel The 5 Best Family Beaches on the West Coast
Travel News The 5 Best Family Beaches
on the West Coast
School will be back in session shortly, so if you haven't gotten your beach fix with the kids this year, now's your chance.

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12 Memorable Meals in New Orleans:
Locals and "Top Chefs" Share Their Favorites
Last Chance: Chicago Photo Contest Ends Tomorrow
Birdwatching in Costa Rica: 1 Out of Every 6 Americans Needs to Try It!
Travel Tip of the Day: Pack lots of layers
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Puerto Vallarta: 25% Off Fabulous Resort + Free Golf & Spa Service — $105
Luxury in New Orleans: Ultimate Value Rates at Windsor Court Hotel — From $149
Windsor Court Hotel by Orient-Express
NYC: Apartment Suites in Midtown Manhattan, Best Rate Guaranteed — $244
Jamaica: Visit a Place Where Luxury Abounds and Relaxation is Routine — $205
Half Moon Rose Ha
Belize: Save 25% on Suite + Airfare at Beach Resort w/ Top Diving — $774
Save 15% on Fla. Gulf Coast: Family Fall Fling — Weekly Bookings!
Sandcastle Escapes
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Europe: Please help! I am totally frustrated as to where to stay in Paris
United States: Dining at Disney for a birthday lunch or dinner
Mexico & Central America: Costa Rica — 3 kids, 7 days, help planning trip needed!
Caribbean: Where in the Caribbean can I snorkel right off the beach?
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All-time best travel moment: A half-hour with a pack of wolves in Denali National Park, Alaska.
Member since: January 2003
Destination wishlist: Alaska, Norway, Sweden, Bali, Finland, and everyplace else in Richard Scarry's "Busy Busy World"
Fodor's editor since: April 2007
Favorite hotels: The Cove Eleuthera, Bahamas; Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans; XV Beacon, Boston.
Member since: June 2005
Best travel tip: Never skip a morning game drive.
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