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Choice Travel Experiences, July 23, 2009

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This Week in Travel The 7 Most Memorable Luxury Lodge Experiences
Travel News African Safari: The 7 Most Memorable Luxury Lodge Experiences for Your Money
So you want to see Africa's legendary wildlife without roughing it? No problem.

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12 of Chicago's Best Photo Opportunities for Travelers
Fodor's Choice Hawaii: 5 Perfect Beaches
Travel Tip of the Day: Purchase one-way airfares to save time and money
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Costa Rica: Low Family Rates + Daily Breakfast — $99
Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa
Paris: Unbeatable Rates at Grand Hotels & Chic Boutique Lodgings — From $125
Riviera Maya Major Savings! Over 50% Off All-Inclusive 5-Star Village — $109
Las Vegas: Enjoy a Third Night Free at the 4-Diamond Renaissance — Rates From $109!
Renaissance Las Vegas
Hawaii Vacation Homes: Up to 50% Off Kailua Homes & Condos — From $112
Curacao: Explore the Newest Hotel in the Dutch Caribbean — $159 per Night
Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino
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Fodorite Spotlight
Member since: March 2003
Favorite restaurant: Eiji, a tiny Japanese restaurant in the Castro in San Francisco.
Just back from: 40 days, north to south – off (and on) the well-trod path in Italy.
Member since: October 2008
All-time best travel moment: Being mistaken for a Parisian.
Member since: July 2004
Favorite destinations: Kauai, Maine, France, Ireland, Italy.
Member since: May 2003
Best travel tip: Get off the bus and meet the locals.
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  Complete African Safari Chicago Hawaii
  Complete African Safari Chicago Hawaii
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Photo credit: Istockphoto / Paul Banton

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