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Choice Travel Experiences, July 2, 2009

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This Week in Travel Frequent Flyer Miles vs. Cash: When Should You Use Them?
Travel News Frequent Flyer Miles vs. Cash: Which Should You Use, and When?
Here's how to find the best value when booking your flight.

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10 Best Free (Or Almost Free) Events in Paris This Summer
11 Ways to Experience Chicago's Biggest Bean
5 Must-Do Experiences in London This Summer
5 Essential Stops on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula
Travel Tip of the Day: Theme parks are great for trips involving a big group
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West Virginia: Over 30% Off 3 or More Nights + Eat for Free — from $99 per person/per night
The Resort at Glade Springs
NYC: 40% Summer Sale at Comfortable Hotel in Heart of Broadway — $139
The Milford Plaza
Norway-Denmark-Sweden Trio: 6-Night Trip to Scandinavia, All Flights+Hotels! $1,085
St Lucia Luxury: 40% Off+Kids Stay/Eat Free, Private Beach Villas — $1,320
Cotton Bay Village
South Africa: Spectacular 9-Day Cape Town Tour & Kruger Safari — $2,650
Washington DC: Save Up to 30% at Stylish Downtown Hotel — $101
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Member since: January 2003
Best travel tip: Don't pass up a free bathroom, especially if it is in a swanky hotel
Member since: June 2009
Best travel tip: Get away from the resort either for the entire trip or a few day outings and see what's really around you.
Member since: February 2007
All-time best travel moment: On a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, on a helicopter over Niagara Falls, on a hot air balloon over Arizona desert — I think there's a pattern here
Member since: August 2005
Destination wishlist: Cook Islands, Paris, Corsica, Sicily
Just back: North Queensland and Tasmania, June 2009
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