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Choice Travel Experiences, June 18, 2009

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This Week in Travel What's the Funniest Thing You've Overheard While Traveling?
Travel News New York's 12 Best
Free Summer Events
For a true New York summer experience, join the locals, who mark their calendars as soon as dates are set for these not-to-be-missed free events.
Top 10 Reasons to Take Your Family to a Dude Ranch
3 Father's Day Trip Ideas for the Cocktail Enthusiast Dad
New York City Deals: Fine Dining for Less
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Vancouver: 20% Off + Breakfast at 5-Star Waterfront Hotel — $245 CAD
Source: Pan Pacific Vancouver
Athens-Mykonos-Santorini: 6-Night Greek Tour, Air + Ferry + Hotels! $999
Tahoe Endless Summer Sale: Up to 50% Off AAA 3-Diamond Hotel & Condo Spa Resort — $89
Source: The Ridge Resorts at Tahoe
Bahamas: Save 50% at Adults-Only Resort, 3 Night All-Inclusive Hotel + Air — $549
Orlando: Up to 20% Off Spacious Suites for the Whole Family, Near Top Attractions — $135
Source: Wyndham Bonnet Creek
Cancun: Sun & Sea Spa Package at 5-Star Hospitality Award Winner — $185
Source: The Royal in Cancun
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Member since: November 2006
All-time best travel moments: Driving into Paris seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time, coming into Rome and turning a corner to see the Pantheon, my first sight of the pyramids from Cairo Just back: Taking a Reluctant Traveler to Paris Trip Report
Member since: January 2003
All-time best travel moment: In 1976, on the ferry between Korea and Japan with no visa for either and only $20 in my pocket
Member since: January 2007
Best travel tip: Learn a bit of the language and be open to a little managed chaos.
Member since: January 2003
Best travel tip: Smile and never forget you are a guest in their country
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