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Choice Travel Experiences, June 4, 2009

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This Week in Travel 12 Tips for Stress-free Sightseeing
Travel News 12 Tips for Stress-Free Sightseeing
Keep these twelve suggestions in mind when planning where to go and what to do.
Cheap Lunches in NYC: Fodor's Top 5 Favorite Food Carts
Top Chef Travels: New Orleans' Donald Link On Real Cajun
Travel Tip of the Day: Enter a National Park for Free This Summer
Enter the Maryland Photo Contest | View Recent Entries
Download Your Free Fodor's Guide to Summer in Williamsburg, VA
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USVI: Half Off Historic Beach & Golf Resort, 4 Nights Hotel + Air + Breakfast — $629
Vancouver: 20% Off + Breakfast at 5-Star Waterfront Hotel — $245CAD
Source: Pan Pacific Vancouver
Montevideo-Buenos Aires-Rio: 9-Night South America Sampler + Air! $1,359
Las Vegas: Super Low Rates + Up to $80 in Credits at 4-Star Icon — $55
Riviera Maya: 50% Off 5-Star, All-Suite/All-Inc. Adult Resort, 3 Nights Hotel + Air — $619
South Florida: Stay 2 Nights, Get 3rd Free at Tranquil Beachfront Resort — $169
Source: Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort & Marina
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United States: What else is there to do in D.C. besides visiting the museums?
Europe: Should I go to Florence and Venice in August or not?
Asia: Acceptable Clothing for Thailand and Cambodia's Streets and Temples
Trip Ideas: Hawaii? Cruise in Greece? I need an idea for a July trip
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Member since: January 2007
Last trip: Corsica, Siena, Croatia
Member since: August 2007
Destination wishlist: Russia, Scandanavia, Croatia and Montenegro
Member since: March 2007
All-time best travel moment: I guess that would be on a cruise ship with my daughter leaving NY harbor and sailing by the Statue of Liberty as the sun was setting. WOW!
Member since: August 2006
Never travels without: Trail mix and dark chocolate
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