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Choice Travel Experiences, May 28, 2009

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This Week in Travel The 7 Best Family Beaches in the East
Travel News The East Coast's 7 Best Family Beaches
Find a place that's family-friendly, safe for the kids, and enjoyable for the adults as well.
A Short Guide to Caribbean Summer Weather
Escape from Atlantis: Top Bahamian Experiences Outside the Megaresort
New Mexico's Top 3 Best Hiking Trails
Enter the Maryland Photo Contest | View Recent Entries
Travel Tip of the Day: Disney: Ride Your Favorites First
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Cancun Spectacular! Half Off 5 Nights Hotel + Air, All-Inclusive, Green Fees & More — $399
Prague-Vienna-Budapest: 6 Nights+Air+Rail Across the Great Cities of the Danube — $1,139
Jamaica: A Place Where Luxury Abounds and Relaxation is Routine — $205
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4 Night Western Caribbean Cruise — Starting From $279
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Belize Eco-Adventure Package: 20% Off 7-Day, 4-Star Exotic Trip for Two — $1,949
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Colorado: 10% Off Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Club & Glenwood Hot Springs — $312
Source: Glenwood Hot Springs
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All-time best travel moment: Watching the sun set over Uluru (Ayer's Rock) with my sister sipping a glass of wine.
Member since:: November 2003
Best travel tip: It's all about your attitude
Most recent trip: A Fortnight in South Africa
Member since: September 2006
Never travels without: The kids. Everything is better when seen through their eyes.
Most recent trip: A Weekend in Atlanta
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Best travel tip: Do your own planning and research...makes everything so much more rewarding...if you can, travel independently.
Recently recommended: Pousada Golden Age Promotion 2009 in Portugal
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