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Choice Travel Experiences, May 21, 2009

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This Week in Travel Summer Vacation in Europe
Travel News 10 Simple Ways to Survive a Summer Vacation in Europe
Ticket prices are down and so are exchange rates. Here's how to beat the heat and the crowds.
The World's Hottest Peppers—And Where to Eat Them
Win a Free Trip to Guernsey
Download Your Free Fodor's Guide to Summer in Williamsburg, VA
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Travel Tip of the Day: Ride the bus to see Paris
Some of Paris's public routes are fantastically scenic; hop on the right one and you can get a great tour for just €1.60—sans squawking commentary. Our favorites include No. 29, No. 69, No. 72, and No. 73...(more)
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Paris-Rome: Ready, Set, Jet! 6 Nights, Your Choice Hotels + Air—$1,019
Jamaica: 50% Off Adults-Only All-Inclusive, 3 Nights + Air—$649
Bermuda Cruise: Up to 40% Off 7-Night Cruises from New York—$79/night
Vail: Save 10% on Chalet-style Lodging in Gorgeous Mountain Setting—$78
Source: Vail Racquet Club Townhomes & Condominiums
Los Cabos: Web Only! 50% Off & Bonus Perks, 5 Nights Hotel + Air—$499
Play in Las Vegas at the Newest Resort in Town!—from $79
Source: M Resort
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Favorite travel quote: "I went to Africa because I did not want to die and discover I had never really lived. I keep going back because I need another dose of the magic" —Shari Meyr, Lions and Lost Hearts/ The Tanzanian Tales Journal
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