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Choice Travel Experiences, May 14, 2009

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This Week in Travel 7 Most Inspiring Sights in the American Southwest
Travel News The 7 Most Inspiring Sights in the American Southwest
From blazing sunsets to gigantic caverns full of bats, here's where to find the magic of the Southwest.
No-Nonsense Traveler: 10 Simple Truths About Travel
La Festa: 8 Great Italian Festivals
How to Spot Paris' Best Bakeries, Chocolate Shops, and Pastry Shops
New Mexico Photo Contest Ends Tomorrow | View Recent Entries
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New York City: 20% Off Our Exciting Landmark Hotel in Times Square with Advanced Purchase — $225
Source: Crowne Plaza Times Square Hotel
Costa Rica: Low Family Rates + Daily Breakfast — $99
Source: Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa
Nassau-St Thomas-St Martin Cruise: 25% Off 7-Night Cruise from Florida — $379
Cozumel: Super Low Rates on Guaranteed Ocean View + 30% Off Golf — $65 per person/per night
Source: El Cozumeleno Beach Resort
Vail & Beaver Creek Summer Special — Free Night Lodging from $99/Night
Source: Prudential Colorado Properties
Jamaica: 50% Off 3 Nights Hotel+Air at All-Inclusive Resort — $469
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Travel Tips & Trip Ideas: Broke My Wrist 4 Weeks Before My Trip — What Now?
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Member since: April 2007
All-time best travel moment: Sitting on the floating Resortel in Thailand watching the River Kwai hurtling past.
Last trip: Kenya and Tanzania, May 2009
Member since: September 2007
Never travels without: a loose changeable 'detailed' plan...proper shots... an open mind
Last trip: Argentina and Paraguay, April 14-May 5
Member since: June 2005
Destination wishlist: Portugal, Southern France, Greece, Africa
Last trip: Two Weeks in Milan, Bologna, and Bellagio
Member since: February 2006
Best travel tip: Don't take more than you can carry, don't take anything you can't bear to lose
Last trip: Nice to Paris: On Not Taking It Easy in Eastern France
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