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Choice Travel Experiences, May 7, 2009

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This Week in Travel Italy's Most Romantic Experiences
Travel News Italy's Most Romantic Experiences
Celebrate your relationship by discovering the unique simple pleasures of a trip to Italy.
No Nonsense Traveler's 5 Simple Rules for Tipping
Picasso's Home Opens in Provence
Cemeteries and Crypts: 4 City Sights to Die For
Vacation Bliss: 6 Ways to Choose the Trip That's Right for You
Enter Fodor's New Mexico Photo Contest | View Recent Entries
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Italy: 10% Off Best Rate at 4-Star Boutique Milan Hotel — EUR 111
Source: Enterprise Hotel Milan
Dominican Republic 4 Sale! 4 Stars, 4 Nights, 4 55% Less, 4 Hotel + Air — $499
Alaska Cruise: 25% Off 7-Night Summer Cruises from Seward — $52/night
Save up to 20%: Perfect for Families to Stay & Play in Daytona Beach, FL — From $72
Source: Wyndham Ocean Walk
Puerto Rico: 30% Off + Daily Breakfast at 4-Diamond Escape — $181
Source: Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa
Italy: May Special! Save 25% on Lake Como, Where Dreams Come Alive — EUR 236
Source: Grand Hotel Tremezzo Palace
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Fodorite Spotlight
Member since: April 2007
Destination wishlist: East Africa, Cambodia, Myanmar, Scandinavia, Croatia, Iceland, Brittany, everywhere else
Last trip: Botswana-Staying on 5 Tented Camps
Member since: October 2006
All-time best travel moment: Early morning bicycling along the Damme Canal north of Brugges in Belgium to the Holland border as the mist was rising off the canal. It was ethereal.
Last trip: Eating My Way Across the French Quarter
Member since: January 2004
Destination wishlist: Matera
Last trip: Bangkok – Railey Beach – Sydney – Tasmania
Member since: January 2003
Favorite restaurant: Le Pescatore
Last trip: Tenn. Trio of Terror Returns to Europe
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