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Choice Travel Experiences, April 2, 2008

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This Week in Travel Spring in Paris
Travel News Spring in Paris: 21 Things to Do Outside
The City of Lights is beautiful in all seasons, especially spring. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor activities for those heading to Paris in the coming weeks.
Four Nights in Puerto Rico: Recommendations from the No-Nonsense Traveler
Beginners' Guide to Train Travel in France
"Show Us Your California" Photo Contest | Ends April 7th!
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Member since: April 2004
All-time best travel moment: Descending the hills from Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, through the mist, and seeing the tea plantations come into focus.
Member since: March 2003
Best travel tip: Keep a fully-packed toiletries bag in your suitcase—add your clothes and you're ready to go.
Member since: February 2009
All-time best travel moment: Coming out of the train station and seeing the Grand Canal in Venice for the first time.
Member since: October 2004
Best travel tip: Never come back to a full work week. Arrange to return on Thursday or Friday and then have the weekend off.
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