Your Favorite Holiday Trip Memories


In the spirit of the holidays, we asked you, dear readers, to share your favorite holiday travel memories with us. And share you did on our various channels of communication—Facebook, Twitter, and the Fodor’s Forums. We read them and hand-picked some of our favorites to share with everyone this Thanksgiving. Not to sound cheesy, but we literally laughed at some and cried at others. Enjoy.

On Twitter, @kgbphoto told us it was Christmas of 1978. "Traveled [to] Cortina D’Ampezzo. Fog diverted plane from best airport. Rented car. Dad drove in fog across Italy. Barely got there. Then huge snow storm. No one spoke English. Very Italian resort. Dad locked keys in car, broke in w shovel. Drove round Italy for rest of trip w plywood on front passenger window. No [one could] fix it. #notTheSharpestToolInShed Never forget it."

S. Erwin Britt shared a handful of favorites on Facebook, noting "Being at the Palm Sunday service at the Vatican was a great treat. Being in Dublin for 2010 St Patrick’s Day was fantastic, especially since it did not rain. Extra bonus was eating with great friends on Irish Mother’s Day. Last year was so much fun spending Thanksgiving on Oahu because our wonderful friends invited us over to dinner and we spent Black Friday body surfing."

Meanwhile, on the Forums, elnap29 told us their favorite Christmas story. "When our son was 4, my husband had to be in South Lake Tahoe for work over the holidays, so we rented a small cabin and picked out a sorry-looking tree, practically the last one on the lot on Christmas Eve. We hunted around the snowy forest for decorations and hung small pine cones and other found objects on the tree. After singing Christmas carols outside and then again around our little Christmas tree until bedtime, Santa came, leaving a small toy, a book, and a new toothbrush for our son. Christmas Day held a postcard style clear view of a Lake Tahoe winter scene, which we continued to enjoy from the top floor restaurant at Harrah’s. I often think it was our best Christmas ever, because it was so simple, stress-free, and the surroundings so pristine and beautiful."

Also on the Forums, Tomsd had a little trouble choosing one favorite, so instead we got, "perhaps the best two most memorable holiday vacations were (1) going to Alta, in Utah, where we [got] over 100 inches of the "best powder on earth" for the week and skied with the founder—the legendary Alf Engen. And then (2), a few years later, going to Aspen where they also had an epic storm…and we had huge powder days, including skiing down the toughest runs at neighboring Aspen Highlands, which were less daunting with the deep stuff."

Forums’ user janisj provided a great New Year’s Eve travel story, saying "I was living in the UK at the time and we just picked a place on the map that looked off the beaten path. We phoned them (this was before main stream internet access) asking about their rates for New Years, never thinking to ask if they were actually open at that time of year. They gave us the rates and we jumped at it. Well, come to find out the hotel isn’t open in winter, though the attached pub is open year round. They figured "what the heck, we’ll have paying customers." So after a harrowing drive, getting stranded in the snow, and having to be towed out by a local farmer, we show up (husband, Airedale, Scottie, in a Morgan rag top) 3 days before New Year as the only guests. We were wined and dined (well actually beer’d and whisky’d) royally by everyone for miles around, learned all sorts of Scottish country dances, met a trad band, and an indy [sic] rock trio over from Glasgow, and even went ‘First Footing’ through the whole village. It was absolutely the best New Years I ever experienced."

What are your favorite holiday travel memories? Are they disasters that bring you together and make you laugh for years to come? Or are they simple, touching moments you never forget?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo credit: Lake Tahoe via Shutterstock