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Brewery Plans to Open a Craft Beer Bar Straddling US/Mexico Border

PHOTO: BrewDog

Make beer not walls!

BrewDog, a craft brewer based out of Columbus, Ohio, has announced plans to open a bar right smack on the border between Mexico and the United States. The craft beer bar, being called “The Bar on the Edge,” promotes a statement about inclusivity and collaboration–in other words, make beer, not walls.


Half of the bar will be in Texas, and the other half of it will be in Chihuahua, Mexico–and there will be a dotted line right across the center of the bar, so you can always remember what country you are currently drinking beers in. The US side will serve beers from Mexico, and the Mexican side will serve beers from the US.

The actual location of the bar is currently still “top secret,” but it will be relatively remote–in other words, it’s probably going to be in the middle of the desert, and a bit of a trek to get to. That being said, BrewDog hopes it will become a place for beer lovers on both sides of the border to come together and drink a beer (or several). And hey, we hope so, too. Right on.

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