Delta to Show Etiquette Videos

Who said etiquette is dead? Delta Airlines certainly doesn’t think so. Starting in mid-December, 2008, the airline will begin showing in-flight animated videos that reveal typical problems passengers encounter while flying.

The films consist of vignettes like “Middleman,” about the inappropriate behavior sometimes demonstrated by travelers occupying middle seats; “Kidtastrophe,” concerning ill-behaved children on planes; “Lav Dance,” about folks who brush up against or bump into passengers when returning from the plane’s lavatory; and “Shady Lady,” about inconsiderate passengers who lift up the window shades without considering other passengers’ needs.

Delta Spokesperson Katie Connell told Fodor’s this week that the videos “aren’t meant to tell people how to behave but to make people aware of the things that can sometimes lead to misunderstandings during a flight.”

The videos can be seen on the airline’s Web site, or if you really want to experience Delta etiquette, book a flight with the airline later this month.