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Load Up on Local Cherries in Montana


As you get into northwestern Montana, perhaps heading to Glacier National Park, you may be tempted to stop at one of the scores of huckleberry vendors in the area who sell jams, jellies, candy, lip balm, and all manner of goods flavored by this favorite of the local grizzly bears. But you read Fodor’s, which means you don’t go in for tourist traps.

Instead, make your savvy stop on Route 93 at Flathead Lake at one of the myriad unimposing cherry stands for a bag (or maybe several bags) of local, phenomenal, delicious, and otherwise out-of-this-world cherries. Cherry orchards are visible from the road, running along the circumference of the lake, and farmers have scads of ripe, sweet cherries available at ramshackle roadside stands. Hand-painted signs begin to pop up along as you approach the lake, so you won’t miss your chance. I recently picked up a large bag for $6, which lasted about three days among three hungry hikers.

If you are camping, as we were, here’s a trick to keeping your cherries fresh, straight from one of the orchard owners. Keep the bag of cherries OPEN in your cooler and you should get a week out of them. If you can keep from devouring them for that long.

Photo credit: Cherries from Flathead Lake, Montana via Shutterstock

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