Where Fodor’s Members Are Headed in 2009


A resolution for many travelers in 2009—traveling cheaper by planning smarter—is easy to keep with support from our Forums. Travelers are logging on and asking questions to:

Find value in popular, but pricey, top spots

Discover destinations off the beaten path

Learn when to book flights to save

Get inspired by reading fellow travelers’ trip reports

Here’s a small sample of some of the exciting places they’re aiming to visit this year. You too can share your experience to help someone else, or ask your own question to get help planning your next adventure.

Happy 2009 to all!


Picking an Arrondissement in Paris | “Just reserved ff miles for our trip to Paris at the beginning of Sept. Have I picked a good time of year? I’ve only begun my research. Interested in the major sights, lots of wandering and lots of eating wonderful food and pastries. Would anywhere in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th arrondissements be most convenient for us to stay in? We will have a whole week to explore, and could throw in a trip to Versailles.” –Uma

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Biking Tour in the Netherlands | “My partner and I are considering joining up with group bike tour through the Netherlands. The itinerary includes a trip to the Keukenhof and travels from Leiden to Nordwik along the coast, to the Hague, Delft and then through the Westland on to a lake in Noorden. Accomodations are 2 nights each in Noordwijk, Delft and Noorden. The ride is rated as easy—max of 36 miles in a day…” –RumRita

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United States

Seattle-California-Southwest Road Trip | “The details: 2 week trip starting the end of April this year. We are a late-30’s married couple. Road trip—I know this is a ton of driving, we’re expecting a lot of the sightseeing to be done as we are driving with quick stops along the way on the long driving days. We’ll be staying in hotels. Here’s the plan so far…” –garlicgirl

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RVing Around Alaska | “Well, my trip with my boyfriend to Denali and Kenai Peninsula has been roughed out. I would love some help in refining it, though. The purpose of the trip is to be VERY active—lots of hiking, kayaking, maybe even a glacier walk at Exit Glacier…” –hikrchick

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Latin America

Family Trip to Mexico | “My husband and I along with our 14-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son will be traveling to Mexico for a one week spring break in late March. Both children are good travelers and good sports….We wanted to try a trip to Mexico and unfortunately have only the one week. We want water but we also want some history and culture…” –PatriciaJennifer

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Friends Headed to Argentina | “Six of us, in our 50s, who are very road tested are planning our next journey. Buenos Aires and surrounding areas during the last two weeks of December and the first week of January. I am open to talking to the pros, but a few good Fodorites who want to chime in and help me plan this thing would be much appreciated…” –seeksocean

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First Trip to Asia | “I think I would like to see Thailand, perhaps starting in Bangkok and then head to a beach area. I was thinking perhaps Phuket or Ko Samui? Should I consider going further south to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur? I will be traveling in July or August 2009. I prefer a more active vacation with visits to “off the beaten path yet safe” areas…” –FirstTimetoAsia

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Africa & the Middle East

Safari for One | “I am quite open to suggestions. I figured that I’d focus on the South rather than the East as I kinda prefer cool to hot, and June or July are the only times that I can travel. I like the idea of a mix of game-watching and other activities. I guess my main question at the moment is whether there is a better way to do this considering my extremely meager budget..” –Amy

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On Safari with Kids | “We’ve been considering taking a safari for a few years now, and we think that are children might now be old enough to do a safari with one of the companies that has safaris for families. Our daughter will be 7 1/2 in August and our son with be almost 9…” –see_the_world7

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Home Exchange in Victoria | “I am pleased to announce that this morning we have confirmed a home exchange for Victoria for the last week in August and for the month of September! So, I am hoping that Victoria’s locals (what are Victoria’s locals called, surely not Victorians?!) will help us plan our holiday.” –nolefan1

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Australia & the Pacific

Experiencing New Zealand’s Great Outdoors | “What we love is nature and scenery; long walks—but not demanding, or overnight hikes…We prefer staying several days in one area and using it as a base for exploring—not driving from place to place trying to see everything in a series of one-nighters.” –Songdoc

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