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Know What to Wear: Clothing Tips for Long Flights


The most well-traveled ladies prep properly ahead of overnight flights to get off the plane looking put-together and ready to go. Fodorites know the tricks—from the best layers to wardrobe basics that work for comfort and practicality on board as well as at your destination. Check out these helpful women’s clothing tips from our forums.

Perfect Pashminas: Layers for Changing Temperatures

"I pack a pashmina and use it as a blanket for the top half of my body…I don’t bother wearing sweats because they’re a waste of space. I prefer to wear something on the plane that is comfortable and yet useful once I get to my destination."

"I find a pashmina a must for keeping myself warm. I take noise cancelling headphones for the movie and for quiet sleeping. I always wear black pants and a black sweater, something that I can always wear again on the trip. Then I accessorize with some stand-out necklace or piece of jewelry (which of course is usually costume)."—librarygirrrl

Stretchy Separates: Black and Basic are Best

"I try to mix comfort with a practical approach… I wear black pants with a bit of lycra. They are comfy have a bit of stretch and I don’t look like I slept in them. I also use them during the trip. In the winter I tend to wear a cashmere turtle neck with a jacket or blazer and in the summer a twin set. I wear boots or my heavier pair of shoes but take them off and but on fuzzy socks."—travelbunny

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"Microfiber is the answer. Stretchy, never wrinkles, not clingy. I wear comfortable dress slacks and a nice top. They are as comfortable as pajamas but look very stylish and polished even after many hours on a plane."—mindyhanzik

"I have a designated travel uniform! The pants, they are lightweight dark colored denim trousers. They have 2% Lycra so they stretch making them just as comfortable as sweats and wrinkle free. Also the wide leg trouser style makes them dressy enough to where I feel comfortable, I don’t like to be dressed up on international flights but I also don’t wear sweats and sneakers…I always pair this with a black Lycra v-neck t-shirt and black or gray cardigan, it’s a universally flattering combination and the layers help with changing temperatures in the cabin. The flexibility and stretch of the fabrics makes it very easy to sleep in on long haul flights and they don’t wrinkle up!"—GiuliaPiraino

Classic Wrap Dress: Pair with Ballet Flats

"I have always been most comfortable in dresses, and so wear a knit dress, polo-style dress, or knit wrap. The added value of dresses is that these often look good at my destination (frankly unlike sweats, where most other cultures consider these only slightly above going out in your pajamas.) The weight and style of the dress varies with the seasons. For warmth, a coordinating cardigan or wrap is good, and useful on the trip. I like shoes that I can kick off easily, i.e. ballet flats of some kind. This also makes going through security pretty easy. "—madameX

Smart and Sporty: The Anti-Sweats Answer

"I love velour suits with soft pants and a matching hoodie. I do wear them at my destination if I go to a spa or gym, or just want to throw something comfy on for breakfast."—Dreamer2

"Black yoga type knit pants (loose fitting), a relaxed fit knit shirt with a sweater or shawl to layer over. The key is loose fitting layers for me. Easy slip on shoes also."

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What is your favorite outfit for a long flight?

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