Visits to Southfork Ranch Double with Premiere of Dallas Reprise


TNT’s reboot of the popular 80’s drama Dallas premiered on Wednesday to 6.9 million viewers, according to, garnering the series the No. 1 scripted series premier spot for the year, and TNT the No. 1 basic cable network spot for the night.

While it remains to be seen where the Ewings’ oil-slicked hijinks will take them this year, traffic has already picked up at the legendary Southfork Ranch near Dallas, Texas, where both the original and the reboot have been filmed. Janna Timm, a marketer for Southfork, reported to that the number visitors over the past few weeks has increased, numbering around 300 each day last weekend, up from 100-150 a day.

Southfork Ranch offers fans of the series old and new the opportunity to tour exhibits based on the series. The Ewing Mansion is available to visit, as well as an exhibit entitled "Dallas Legends," which includes such legendary props as the infamous gun that shot J.R., Lucy’s wedding dress, and Jock’s Lincoln Continental. Tours are available for the grounds, and visitors can eat at Miss Ellie’s Deli, or browse the selection at two souvenir stores. Those who want an even more immersive experience can opt for a Chuckwagon Dinner, complete with tour of the exhibits, a tram ride, and a camp dinner featuring cowboy songs and ranch hand bards.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Southfork Ranch