Video: Jordan Winery Releases Robin Thicke Parody

It’s called "Blurred Vines," and it’s weirdly hilarious. Healsdsburg, California-based Jordan Vineyard and Winery has released its own music video version of Robin Thicke’s controversial hit "Blurred Lines." Get it? It’s a wine joke…because they make wine. In what was probably a wise PR move, the winery stayed away from the subject matter of the original that has polarized pop culture critics and fans, and stuck with a vino-themed lip dub, though they kept the bizarre props (is that DJ cradling a live chicken in his arms?). Our favorite part is not the awkward middle-aged dancing, though that’s spectacular, but the guy who plays the wine nerd and brings back every single nerd trope from the 80s. See, you know he’s a nerd because he wears heavy sunscreen on his nose at the pool…Classic.

Photo Credits: Courtesy Jordan Winery and Vineyard