VIDEO: 10 Places You’d Rather Be Right Now

It’s January, dear readers, and unless you’ve already hit one of our Fodor’s 100 Hotels for resort season, you’re probably stuck at your desk suffering from the winter doldrums. Well we can’t all spirit away to sunnier climes (someone’s got to do your job), but we can pass along a short mental getaway from the folks at BuzzFeed. Yesterday, they posted a two-minute supercut of user videos featuring everything from cliff-diving to curling—in other words, a mélange of places "you’d rather be right now" and things you’d rather be doing. From Barcelona to Bali to trampoline camp, this video transports you far away from your computer screen, set to a seriously downtempo soundtrack. Are we jealous of the people in the videos? Yes. Are we going to watch this video a couple more times right now? Yes.

Photo credit: Phuket via Shutterstock