Viceroy Riviera Maya Offers Cocktail Coaching


Instead of simply imbibing cocktails on your next beach vacation, why not receive some schooling in how to make them?

Viceroy Riviera Maya, which hugs the Caribbean Sea on six acres 40 miles south of Cancun, and just outside Playa del Carmen, Mexico, just rolled out an activity that perfect for those travelers obsessed with artisanal cocktails who want to probe deeper into the craft. Among the guava trees and ferns, you can learn the ins and outs of making a pitch-perfect cocktail.

For the cost of $85 you can belly up to the resort’s Coral Bar for an Artisanal Cocktail Coaching class taught by its "artisan mixologist master" (that’s the official job title). This isn’t solely a demonstration. The goal is to engage students through hands-on tasks, from muddling to stirring to adding the final touch just before serving the drink. Many of the recipes taught in the class rely upon fresh herbs and fruit. And because it’s Mexico and not Milan, the focus is on making regional cocktails like flavored Mojitos (using signature fruit flavors developed by the bar like "Very Berry" and "Citric"), "popsicle margaritas" (incorporating cilantro, ginger and pineapple), sparkling drinks (including basil leaves, mango nectar and mint leaves) and Micheladas (similar to Bloody Marys). All of these drinks are on the cocktail menu at Viceroy Riviera Maya.

Classes are scheduled by appointment and for up to four people. Following each 90-minute class is 90 minutes of hands-on experience. Are you ready for this? You’ll work behind the bar at the Coral Bar, putting your newfound mixology knowledge into immediate practice, and if all goes well receive an "Artisan Cocktailier" certificate as proof at your next house bash that you can nail a cocktail.

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Photos courtesy of Viceroy Riviera Maya